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April 1903 - the number of the register is given as sixty-seven

May 1903 - ‘The school heated by a stove in the centre of the room and which type is condemned by Rule 13 of “Building Rules”.’

March 1904 - “Low attendance (32.3%) due to children going about the countryside to beg for eggs.” This would no doubt be the practice of egg-clapping well known to Anglesey folk, and which custom persisted, although to a lesser degree until the early thirties.

May 1904 - Extract from H.M.I’s Report: “A poor school”.

September 1904 - “Mr John Williams, Arwel, Brynsiencyn, takes over as Attendance Office in place of Mr. Coles.’

23 March 1905 - “School closed in afternoon on account of the funeral of Lord Anglesey in Llandewen cemetery.”

June 1905 - ‘Only seven children came to school due to stormy weather.’

History of Ysgol Parc y Bont school from 1900 to 1909

July 1900 - Extract from H.M.I.’s Report: “Recommendations previously made regarding cloakrooms and ventilation not attended to and the floor is in holes and needs repairing, it should also be swept daily and frequently scrubbed. The Managers are urged to see that the recommendations are enforced or it will not be possible for further grants to be made.”

1901 - Few entries appear for this year other than ‘eighty pupils on school register’ and then in August ‘examined the whole school and found them rather dull after the holidays.’

May 1902 “Day holiday for school on the occasion of the H.R.H. The Prince of Wales to Faenol.” Staffing of school shown as “R. E. Butler, M. G. Williams and A. M. Davies.”

March 1903 -  “School not cleaned for over a week, Kate Owens, the cleaner, ill, cannot obtain a substitute.”
1906 - Almost every entry in the School’s Log for 1906 is in regard to the smoke problem. Reference is often made to the nuisance caused by smokey fires, and this is a matter of comment throughout subsequent years. The nuisance was not removed until the installation of gas heaters in the school in 1969.

2 February 1907 - “School closed in afternoon on account of the funeral of Sir Charles Hughes-Hunter, Plas Coch.”

April 1907 - School attendance 48.7%, “which is the best in the last six months.”

October 1908 - “Master and pupils went to Plas Coch to see the fire engine working.”

November 1908  - “Mr. Evan O. Evans, Llanbedrgoch, takes over headship of the school temporarily during Mr. Butler’s illness.”

1909 - In a summary to an inspector’s report there is mention for the first time of bilingualism. It is assumed that instruction was given entirely in English.
Ysgol Parc y Bont school - circa 1900 - Click here to see the full-size
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