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Ysgol Parc y Bont school - circa 1910
November 1917 - “Parents complain that their children have no boots to wear, hence their absence.’” This suggests that the continuance of the war had brought in its wake more austere conditions at home.

December 1917 -”These chimneys don’t draw, never did, and never will, Miss Owen and myself are suffering from severe colds caused by draughts and the smoke, it nearly caused my death last winter form pneumonia, I was absent on Monday, unable to move.”

January 1918 - Military funeral at Llanedwen Church, children went to see it.”

June 1918 - “School closed for two days to enable teachers to distribute and collect application forms for Ration Books.” As the war continues in all its gruesome fury so have belts on the home front to be further tightened.

October 1918 - Mr. Butler gave notice to terminate his appointment, and later in the month he records: “I give up charge of the school, signed, R. E. Butler.’ November 1st-‘Mr. Thomas J. Rogers took charge of school on 1st November, 1918.”

1919 March - During this month Mr. Rogers had been absent from school due to illness, and Mr. Butler deputised for a few days until Mr. John Lewis was appointed pending the return of Mr. Rogers.

May 1919 - the following entry appears in the School’s Log: “May 23; Today my services as headmaster of this school terminates, T. J. Rogers.’  In view of this situation, it is found that Mr. Butler has been re-called as headmaster. “

26 May 1919  “I, Richard E. Butler, resumed duties as headmaster of this school.”   He remained as temporary head until August 1920, when Wilfred E. Harriss took over in September. Mr. Harriss’ stay was but short and he terminated his appointment in December.
November 1915 - “Headmaster absent on Friday afternoon, recruiting.’ This is the only indirect reference made to the war, apart from entries made of prayer meetings being held more often than usual in the local churches and chapels.

1916-December - “Headmaster ill and charge of school by Miss Nellie Jones, Gaerwen.”

1917 April - ”Gardening introduced to the school, part of boys’ playground taken over for such purpose, planted potatoes, broad and French beans.” By now the war had raged for three years and food imports from overseas were increasingly restricted. This necessitated further endeavours to produce more at home, which was probably the reason for introducing gardening to schools at that time. However, after the war gardening as a school subject continued well into the thirties, probably more as a means of occupying children of non-academic abilities rather than for the production of food.
Ysgol Parc y Bont school - circa 1910 - Click here to see the full-
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History of Ysgol Parc y Bont School from 1910 to 1919

February 1910 “Thirty two dual desks received for first time.”

May 1910 - “School closed, funeral of King Edward 7th.”

November 1911- “Severe gale, one chimney blown off.’ There is no entry for this year in reference to the Investiture of the Prince of Wales in Caernarfon.

August 1912 - “Medical examination of the school’s pupils.”  This is the first mention of such.

11 October 1912 - “School closed so children could go to Llanfair P.G. station to welcome the Marquess and Marchioness of Anglesey on their visit to Plas Newydd (after their honeymoon).”

1914 - Further mention of visits to the school of a dentist and a nurse suggests that the extension of the then existing medical services was made to schools. An incident of such importance as the outbreak of the Great War on 4th August appears to have escaped the headmaster’s attention, as no reference to it is found in the log and no other entries made subsequently during the year.