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History of Ysgol Parc y Bont school from 1920 to 1929

January 1921 - Mr. Rogers returned to the school, “I, Thomas J. Rogers take up duties as headmaster of this school as from today.” Thus ended Mr. Butler’s reign as headmaster of the school for close on half a century, probably the most difficult era in the history of the school here in Llanddaniel. None can underestimate the immense and diverse problems with which he was faced, set against a background of much squalor and almost complete indifference to education by children and parents alike. Small indeed was the encouragement obtained by teachers and children, subjected as they were to cold, damp and scantily furnished rooms, often bereft of educational equipment essential to the dissemination of elementary knowledge. In so dismal an atmosphere it would not be surprising if one were driven to the utmost depths of frustration.

21 July 1925 - Mr Butler retired - His having remained for so long as headmaster of the school is testimony enough of his will to aid those who came beneath its roof. Mr. Butler’s name will ever be associated with the school in terms of esteem and admiration.

In the early twenties greater interest was being shown in education and the awareness of its value. Success in the Secondary School Examination was viewed as an open door to the realms of lucrative employment, and parents of children gifted academically made strenuous efforts to encourage them. Mr. Rogers undoubtedly met this challenge and demand with zest and determination. His was a remarkable achievement, amply confirmed by the many scholars under his wing who reached high attainments in later years.

Up to 1926, entries contained in the School’s Log are of but minor importance. During this year however, Mr. Rogers must have felt alarmed to learn that the Education Committee had given notice to close the school unless repairs to it ‘were effected immediately.’ This news soon stirred things up, and such repairs were swiftly carried out to everyone’s satisfaction.

In 1929, first mention is made of hot drinks being available at the school ‘at half penny per mug.’ It is during this and preceding years that one finds a continuous movement of teachers coming and going and remaining at the school for varying periods. The entries in the log suggest that the school was generous towards those teachers who left, and references appear to presentations of a variety of items made.
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