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History of Ysgol Parc y Bont school from 1930 to 1939

1931 - Mr. Rogers granted full freedom to the children to decide upon the most suitable and acceptable time for opening the school in the afternoons. This aroused much interest among the pupils and an election was arranged. The voting is recorded thus:
For opening at 1.30 p.m. …………… 3
For opening at 1.15 p.m. …………… 4
For opening at 1.00 p.m. …………… 39
“And 1 p.m. opening was henceforth adopted.”

In 1932 a novel item appears in the School’s Log;“wireless in school for first time.”

October 1933 - “Fire in junior room, damage rather small, staff and pupils were able to prevent it spreading.”

June 1934 - Mr. Rogers records success in the Secondary School Entrance Examination by three girl pupils. Similar entries appear regularly in subsequent years. These would surely make Mr. Rogers very proud, and deservedly so, for they were the end product of many month of dedication on his part.
1938 Ysgol Parc y bont school Llanddaniel
6 May 1935 - This being the Silver Jubilee of King George V was an occasion for jollity and celebrations in the school. Each child received commemorative beakers and mugs as well as a medallion to mark the event. Bonfires were lit throughout the district and a tea party was given to children and local inhabitants alike. All this was followed by sports held in Cae Parc, adjoining the school. Volunteers readily came forth the next day ‘to clear the school yard and field after the festivities.’

It was but a matter of months before the royal figure at the centre of these festivities was dead. For 28 January 1936, the following entry is contained in the School’s Log:
“Morning service was taken in honour and remembrance of H.M. King George V who is being buried today...  services in London were broadcast on the wireless and all the children listened in....  holiday granted in afternoon.”

From the entries made within the School’s Log, it appears that the service at the school was a lengthy one. Six hymns were sung, five psalms read and these were interspersed with prayers, followed by an address by the headmaster.

In May 1937, another royal occasion, that of the Coronation of H.M. King George VI was one to be celebrated at the school: “Coronation tea and service held in school, followed by sports in adjacent field, each child was presented with a Coronation Mug.”

Staffing of the school and the number of pupils on the roll are not given in previous years. In February 1938, however, the staff consisted of ‘Miss J. Parry Jones, Miss J. Hughes and Mr. T. J. Rogers.’ It was during this year also that Mr. Rogers had the pleasure of learning that all eight of his pupils who sat the Entrance Examination had passed; an accomplishment indeed worthy of the highest commendation to tutor and pupils.

16 February 1939, “School closed for two days to enable Miss Hughes and headmaster to visit every house within the parish in connection with the evacuation of children. This measure brought about by the government the previous month.”

What volumes are contained in the following note in the log: “September 5, the school did not open today on account of the declaration of war against Germany on Sunday, 3rd September.’

Soon under the evacuation of children scheme, many thousands of young city-dwellers from Merseyside found a new mode of living in rural Anglesey with the comparative safety it afforded. This note appears for September of this year: “twenty evacuees have arrived in the district to date.”
1938 Ysgol Parc y Bont school - Click here to see the full-size
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