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AVRoe - Canada (1952 to 1959)

In December 1952 Tecwyn and his wife Doris, sailed for Toronto, where he remained for seven years in the employment of A.V. Roe, Canada, Ltd.
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Tecwyn soon learned to transfer the skills that he had learned at Saunders Roe, Beaumaris (Wales), and the Isle of White (England) to designing the Canadian fast fighter jet, the Avro Arrow.  Tecwyn worked with AVRroe Canada from 1952 to 1959.

The sudden cancellation of the Arrow project by the Canadian government on 20 February 1959 led to massive redundancies. Many AVRroe engineers who remained were reassigned to marine, truck and automobile projects while Orenda Engines continued as an engine manufacturer, albeit on a smaller scale. Numerous engineering and technical staff left Avro Canada primarily to the United States.

The recently formed American Space Task Group quickly sought to select the most experienced and capable engineers and scientists. Thirty-two of the finest Avro engineers, amongst them Tecwyn Roberts, were chosen to move to the fledgling NASA organisation.