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Glynn Lunney Interview

The following comments were recorded (on 28th January 1999) within the NASA Oral History Project as part of an interview with Glynn Lunney (retired NASA engineer and Vice President of United Space Alliance): -

“As a matter of fact, one of my bosses for many years, who has now died, was Tecwyn Roberts. Tec was from Wales, and it was first chance, you know, a lot of us young American kids had to work for somebody and to meet people—all the rest of them, too, from Canada and England, but Tec was marvelous. He had a wonderful knack for getting people to get along. He had a wonderful reasoning ability to take emotion out of it and to bring people back on track and keep them on track. He was so skillful that Chris Kraft had a tremendous amount of confidence in Tec, and Tec was our leader for a number of years, not very many because he ended up - he came down here, but I don't think he stayed very long. The weather was just not good for his health.”

“So for a number of years, a couple of years, Tec was our direct leader and mentor and kind of a - not quite a father, but maybe an uncle figure to a lot of us young fellows in the Flight Dynamics Branch and so on, and he was a tremendous help to Chris in putting together the Control Center concept. Tec was the original flight dynamics officer at the Cape in the Control Center when they operated out of the Mercury Control Center at the Cape. But he was such a gentle and yet demanding kind of a guy -those two words don't go together, but he was that. He was kind of gentle with people and he was kind of demanding of their performance, and because of his talents he evoked a tremendous amount of confidence that people had in him, management had in him, and it was like he was a perfect match for us.”

“We were a random group of young engineers that arrived from all over America and kind of a little brash and a little hasty at times and sometimes a little emotional, and he would kind of gather us along. As a matter of fact, after he died a couple of years ago, I wrote a note to Doris expressing my appreciation for all that Tec had meant to me personally, and I told her how much I and the rest of the men that worked for him had learned from him and how I felt that I used a lot of what I'd learned from him raising our family. So I wanted her to know that there was some of Tec Roberts floating around down here in Houston, Texas, in the next generation of Lunneys. But Tec was one, and I felt blessed because Tec was just a jewel and he got to be our boss, and we had a wonderful time learning from him, and he had a hell of a time dealing with us, I'm sure.”
Apollo 7 - Gene Kranz, Glynn Lunney, and Gerald Griffin
Apollo 7 - At the end of the nearly 11-day mission, flight controllers Eugene Kranz, Glynn Lunney, and Gerald Griffin (left to right) celebrate splashdown
Final decent of the crippled Apollo 13 spacecraft Apollo 13
Apollo 13 -  Final decent of the crippled spacecraft just before  splashdown.
Apollo 13 -  After recovery
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