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Manned Flight Support Division

The following article appeared within the NASA Space News Roundup  dated July 8, 1964: -
NASA Special Service Award - For his important contribution to the manned space flight program in the area of flight operations, Tecwyn Roberts (center) is presented a $1,000 cash award and certificate by Dr Robert R. Gilruth, director of MSC (left), as Roberts’ wife Doris looks on. The award was primarily for his determining the technical requirements of the Manned Spaceflight Control Center

Photo courtesy of NASA.
By 1968, Tecwyn had been promoted to the Chief of the Manned Flight Operations Division at GSFC (Goddard Space Flight Centre)

[Tecwyn - front row, fifth from left]
Tecwyn Roberts, Doris Roberts ad Dr Robert R. Gilruth - NASA - 1964 Next. Previous. NASA Station Directors at Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) in 1968
A gathering of NASA Station Directors at Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) in 1968.

Front Row (left to right): Bill Wood (Head of the MSFN Operations Branch), Walt LaFleur (STADIR Bermuda), Bryan Lowe (STADIR Honeysuckle), Don Grey (Honeysuckle), Tecwyn Roberts (Chief of the Manned Flight Operations Division), Virgil True (STADIR Hawaii), Dale Call, unidentified;

Second Row: unidentified, Jack Dowling (STADIR MILA), George Fariss (STADIR Gold-stone), Fred Healey (Assistant STADIR Bermuda), Charles Force (STADIR Guam), Dan Hunter (Assistant STADIRMadrid), Chuck Jackson (Chief of the Logistics Management Office);

Back Row: Larry Odenthal (STADIR Grand Bahama), Lewis Wainright (STADIR Carnarvon), Otto Womack (STADIR Guaymas), Hank Schultz, (STADIR Corpus Christi), Otto Thiele, (NASA Representative on the Vanguard), Bill Easter, Joe Garvey, (STADIR Antigua), Chuck Rouillier (STADIR Grand Canary).

Photo courtesy of NASA: Image Number G-68-206