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President Nixon’s Dinner celebrating Apollo 11
The Moon Landings of Project Apollo
In 1969 it was an equally exciting occasion for Tecwyn and his wife when they were invited to dinner at the Century Plaza in Los Angeles [13th August 1969] given by President Nixon in honour of the successful lunar landing of Apollo 11.

The event was hailed at the time as “the Dinner of the Centaury”.

Around 1,500 guests attended the dinner, including forty-four governors, every U.S. Cabinet member except Attorney General John N. Mitchell, the Supreme Court, fifty astronauts, diplomats from more than ninety countries, important figures in the history of aviation and space flight, a delegation from the entertainment world, and a group of Republican politicians and fund raisers.

To mark such a unique accomplishment a medallion was struck. Tecwyn’s uncle, Mr R. Buckley Jones, Bangor presented one such medallion to Ysgol Parc y Bont school in Llanddaniel together with other souvenir items.

Tecwyn presented to Ysgol Parc y Bont a miscellany of items of considerable value and interest dealing with lunar and space technology. One item was particularly unique among the collection, the Isle of Anglesey and part of Caernarvonshire photographed from space.
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