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Richard Elias Butler - Headmaster Ysgol Parc y Bont
Richard Elias Butler - Headmaster Ysgol Parc y Bont

The following are extracts from the School Log that appertain to Mr Butler: -

30 January 1876 - Mr. Jones was replaced by Mr. Richard E. Butler, who became master of the school .

9 March 1876 - Mr. Butler came to live in the schoolhouse and his wife began teaching duties on the same day.

1879 - Notes for January refer to the year opening with exceptionally severe weather: snow and intense frosts which did not abate until mid February. Attendance in consequence was extremely low. Staffing of the school at the end of April is given as follows: “R. E. Butler (Head); S. E. Butler (Mistress); Miss Butler (Assistant Mistress) and two monitors, Ellen A. Wright and Maggie Pritchard.”

In April 1880, Mr. Butler was recognised as qualified and ‘received his certificate.’ It appears that absenteeism is still a formidable problem. In an attempt to resolve it the school committee ‘directed all those persisting to neglect to attend to report themselves at the Union House, Bangor.’ What affect this had is not mentioned. None one assumes, as a reference to bad attendance soon and often re-appear in the School’s Log. In May of this year a special school committee was convened about which Mr. Butler records: “The committee considered that I had increased my salary too much and called on me to surrender a quarter of the government grant, which I refused, they afterwards wanted me to give up £5 of my fixed stipend, and this I also refused. The result of the refusals being given Notice to Quit.” The school committee met again soon afterwards and resolved to seek and appoint a successor to Mr. Butler.

On 31 August 1880, this note appears in the log: “I, R. E. Butler, give up charge of this school today!” The newly appointed headmaster was Mr. H. S. Griffiths.
The last entry made in the log by Mr. Griffiths is on 26th May 1882; for some unexplained reason pages 127 and 130 are torn out. Subsequent entries are in Mr. Butler’s hand. He seems to have been reinstated headmaster of the school once more with Mrs. Butler as his assistant and the master’s brother to deputise in the absence of either.

July 1883 - Mr. Butler complains about the backwardness of his pupils and notes “so that it is very hard to beat much into their heads.”

June 1884 - ”Mr Butler’s mother passed away, school closed for whole week.’” Seven of the infants played truant yesterday for which I had to whip them all.’

1891 Census - Detailing those living at the ‘National School, Llanddaniel’
Richard Elias Butler, Married, 35, Male, Brackley Northamptonshire, Head, School Master, Employee
Grace D Butler, Married, 31, Female, Capel Gamon, Denbighshire, Wife, Assistant Master, Employee
Richard W. Butler, 8, Male, Llandaniel, Anglesey, Son, Scholar
Thomas G. Butler, 7, Male, Llandaniel, Anglesey, Son, Scholar
Owen Ll. Butler, 4, Male, Llandaniel, Anglesey, Son, Scholar
Robert Cecil Butler, 2, Male, Llandaniel, Anglesey, Son
Oswald Stanley Butler, 8 months, Male, Llandaniel, Anglesey, Son
Elisabeth Hughes, Single, 17, Female, Llanfihengel, Anglesey, Servant, General Servant Domestic

November 1893 - "School open only on Monday of this week on account of the death of my little boy, Oswald Stanley Butler."

2 March 1899 - "Closed school due to death of Robert Cecil Butler (peritonitis) aged 19 years 8 months."

October 1918 - Mr. Butler gave notice to terminate his appointment, and later in the month he records: “I give up charge of the school, signed, R. E. Butler.’ November 1st-‘Mr. Thomas J. Rogers took charge of school on 1st November, 1918.”

May 1919 - the following entry appears in the School’s Log: “May 23; Today my services as headmaster of this school terminates, T. J. Rogers.’  In view of this situation, it is found that Mr. Butler has been re-called as headmaster. “

26 May 1919  “I, Richard E. Butler, resumed duties as headmaster of this school.”   He remained as temporary head until August 1920, when Wilfred E. Harriss took over in September. Mr. Harriss’ stay was but short and he terminated his appointment in December.

21 July 1925 - Mr Butler retired - His having remained for so long as headmaster of the school is testimony enough of his will to aid those who came beneath its roof.
Mr Richard Elias Butler (Headmaster) Ysgol Parc y Bont, Llanddaniel
Mr Richard Elias Butler (Headmaster)
Ysgol Parc y Bont, Llanddaniel - circa 1910.
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