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Tecwyn’s Retirement

The December 1984 edition of the Goddard News reported an Award Ceremony that took place on 26 November 1984.

Tecwyn was presented Goddard's Award of Merit, the highest level of recognition the Goddard Space Center could bestow on its employees.

Tecwyn was Director of Networks at Goddard, when he led a team of engineers that used six one-pound thrusters on the errant satellite to push it 8,600 miles higher in space after it failed to reach proper orbit. Their successful effort required 39 adjustment burns to correct the elliptical orbit to the 22,300 mi high geosynchronous orbit desired for TDRS- 1.

TDRS-1 had been deployed from the Space Shuttle (April 4,1983) nearly three months earlier, but began tumbling when the satellite's Inertial Upper Stage (an Air Force-manager booster rocket) malfunctioned. The failure was identified as a collapsed second-stage nozzle Techroll Seal, a flexible ring which allows the nozzle to move and provide directional control.

The TDRS save was heralded as one of the ten top engineering feats of 1983 in the National Society of Professional Engineers.

Goddard News - December 1984 (page 5)
TDRSS Awards - Goddard retireee Tecwyn Roberts (right) was one of 34 individuals who received honor awards at Goddard recently for their contribution to TDRSS. Roberts received the highest award that Goddard can bestow on its employees. From left to right: Robert O. Aller, associate administrator, NASA Headquarter Office of Space Tracking and Data Systems; James M. Beggs, NASA administrator; Center Director Noel W. Hinners and Roberts.”
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